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MonsterMapRespawn Time
Roosters   (5 GP+ 150 Ruud or Miracle Coin)Lorencia3 Hours
Pouch of Blessing   (5 GP+ 150 Ruud or Miracle Coin)Noria3 Hours
Lunar Rabbit   (5 GP+ 150 Ruud or Miracle Coin)Devias 4 3 Hours
Snakes  (5 GP+ 150 Ruud or Miracle Coin)Atlans 13 Hours
Golden Goblin  Karutan 23 Hours
Goats   (5 GP+ 150 Ruud or Miracle Coin)Tarkan 13 Hours
Monkeys   (5 GP+ 150 Ruud or Miracle Coin)Tarkan 23 Hours
Puppies   (5 GP+ Ancient Items)Aida 13 Hours
Pigs   (5 GP+ Ancient Items)Aida 23 Hours
White WizardNoria,Lorencia,Devias12 Hours
Red DragonLorencia,Devias,Noria4 Hours
Golden DragonsLorencia up to Raklion2 Hours
UndineLorencia8 Times Per Day
Cursed SalamanderDebenter (Acheron)8 Times Per Day
Cursed SylphidUrk  (Acheron)8 Times Per Day
Cursed GnomeUbaid (Acheron)8 Times Per Day
Cursed HellraiserNars  (Acheron)8 Times Per Day
Deep Dungeon GorgonDeep Dungeon 58 Times Per Day
(Elite) Great BahamutAbyss of Atlans 36 Hours
(Elite) Lizard KingAbyss of Atlans 36 Hours
(Elite) Scorched WarriorScorched Canyon6 Hours
(Elite) Scorched AssasinScorched Canyon6 Hours
(Elite) Scorched WizardScorched Canyon6 Hours
(Elite) Great DrakanRed Smoke Icarus6 Hours
(Elite) Phoenix of DarknessRed Smoke Icarus6 Hours
(Elite) Temple OgreArenil Temple6 Hours
(Elite) Temple GremlinArenil Temple6 Hours
(Elite) Temple GargoyleArenil Temple6 Hours
(Elite) Ashy GolemAshen Aida6 Hours
(Elite) Ashy Bloody WitchAshen Aida6 Hours
(Elite) Crimson LycanBlaze Kethotum6 Hours
(Elite) Crimson MinosBlaze Kethotum6 Hours
(Elite) Crimson HarpyBlaze Kethotum6 Hours
(Elite) Underground PersonaKanturu Underground6 Hours
(Elite) Underground Twin TailKanturu Underground6 Hours
(Elite) Underground DreadfearKanturu Underground6 Hours
(Elite) Magma GladiatorIgnis Volcano6 Hours
(Elite) Magma HookIgnis Volcano6 Hours
(Elite) Magma ShamanIgnis Volcano6 Hours
(Boss) ErohimLand of Trials12 Hours
(Boss) KundunKalima712 Hours
(Boss) MedusaSwamp of Peace12 Hours
(Boss) SelupanRaklion12 Hours
(Boss) Lord SilversterAcheron12 Hours
(Boss) Core MagriffyNars12 Hours
(Boss) Lord of FereaFerea12 Hours
(Boss) NixNixie Lake12 Hours
(Boss) God of DarknessSwamp of Darkness12 Hours
(Epic Boss)PvP Arena4 Times Per Day



Posted05 / 01 / 2023