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Level milestone rewards are free items we are giving to players for reaching a certain level.

Use the commands below upon reaching the level requirement to receive the gifts!

Claim Command List
Level 400: /level400
Level 800: /level800
Level 900: /level900
Level 1000: /level1000
Level 1100: /level1100
Level 1200: /level1200
Level 1300: /level1300
Level 1400: /level1400
Level 1500: /level1500

Reward List
Level 400: Magic Complete Lock
Level 800: Magic Complete Condor
Level 900: Soul Moru x1
Level 1000: Blue Eye Anvil x1 
Level 1100: Silverheart Anvil x1 
Level 1200: Manticore Anvil x1 
Level 1300: Brilliant Anvil x1 
Level 1400: Soul of Apocalypse x1
Level 1500: Shining Tail [RARE] +0 + 3 Options


Please note that gifts are only claimable once per character! 

Posted03 / 01 / 2023